Ok…. so I’ve started a blog. That’s right, I’m a trend setter.

To be honest I had myself convinced that blogs were solely to allow self absorbent space cadets to a) Tell everybody how good they are; or b) Whinge about how rubbish their life was, until I actually started reading a few and they grew on me.

I soon realised that this is now fast becoming the norm as the way to communicate stuff that you think is interesting… there’s a good chance however that most folk won’t find what I’ve got to say interesting. But I’ve on occasion fancied myself as a bit of a wordsmith and maybe, just maybe I’ll come out with a few pearlers and entertain a few people along the way.

So this is really for our friends and family to keep up with my and Lauren’s life over the next twelve months as we embark on pretty much the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever done. And by ridiculous I don’t mean foolish, as I have no doubt this is going to be the most incredible thing we’ve ever done. The word ridiculous annunciates that this trip fairly well deviates from every life plan I’ve had for myself over the previous 10 years or so and goes against all 206 risk averse bones in my body (along with the multitude of titanium plates, screws and pins holding this rig together).

Those bones are somewhat shaking at thoughts of disembarking these shores with no real plans for where to go, no idea what lies ahead, no jobs to fall back on and no Sunday arvo dinners with our beautiful friends.

In saying that, those thoughts are fun.

So enjoy our tall tales, short stories and the plethora of photos we post over the next something months. Feel free to share with your friends and family, ask questions, comment on the predicted 6,000 pics of food we’ll put up and laugh at the stupid things we’ll no doubt do.

Ben and Loz Taylor



4 Comments on “About

  1. Hey guys its Pace here again, im emjoying following your blog and the photos. I was wondering how I could let you know about the photography project I told you about. Its finally up and running. I didnt want to post it here as this is your private blog. Anyway keep safe and keep in touch. Pace

    • Hey mate. Glad you’re having a look. Feel free to link your project here, I’d love to promote it for you. I’ll throw it up on a few social media sites too if you want me to. Just post the link here or email. I had a look at your site a while back and it’s fantastic mate, really good work. Cheers, Ben.

  2. Hey guys, it was wonderful to meet you today and be your guide for the segway tour. I wish you both an amazing journey and I look forward to following your adventure. I was hoping to speak to you before you left today but fate determined that I rescue a customer who had broken down… If you are passing through lisbon again then get in touch, it would be nice to hear the stories of your journey. Wishing you both peace, love and truth. Pace

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