Prague, Czech Republic

Last stop before heading home – Prague. This place is something special for many reasons. For me it’s particularly special because it’s where I had the best beer of my life, and somebody’s going to brew one hell of a beer to trump it. The Czech’s are pretty good at the whole beer thing and they’re well aware of it. The well known beer Pilzner Urquell was first brewed in the town of Plzen (about 90km from Prague) in 1842 and it’s still being brewed there today. My love of this beer hit it’s straps at a a pub called Lokal where they sell it straight off the vat – it’s so smooth you might as well be drowning in a bucket of cream. We dabbled… a lot.

There’s a lot of fun stuff to do in Prague, the architecture of the city itself is pretty amazing alone and it’s far better preserved than many other European cities, particularly in Central Europe. One major reason for this is that it didn’t get completely destroyed during World War II. It turns out Prague was one of Hitler’s favourite cities and he intended on it becoming the arts capital of Nazi Europe so he ordered that it was not to be bombed. On top of this it was just a bit too far away from anywhere to be a worthwhile target so the city escaped the same destruction as many others during WWII. It was bombed at one point when US Air Force bombers mistook it for Dresden in poor weather but not to the same extent as cities like Warsaw and Berlin.

Anyway, once again – go there, drink beer, eat a pork knuckle while drinking a beer and don’t forget to watch the most ridiculous cookoo clock on the planet do its thing.



Prague-1 Prague-2 Prague-3 Prague-4 Prague-5 Prague-6 Prague-7 Prague-8 Prague-9 Prague-10 Prague-11 Prague-12 Prague-13 Prague-14 Prague-15 Prague-16 Prague-17 Prague-18 Prague-19 Prague-20 Prague-21 Prague-23 Prague-24 Prague-28 Prague-30 Prague-31 Prague-32


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