Chasing Dracula – Romania

Well check this out, somebody’s actually posting something here. It’s been 236 days since my last post due to a severe backlog of photo editing along with a severe backlog of laziness. But here we are and let’s not dwell on how lazy I am.

Romania, what a place. I think every country we visited was a surprise package but Romania really blew us away with it’s stunning countryside. We kicked off in the capital, Bucharest, for some touristy stuff which was fun for a bit (Bucharest has a sensational pub scene, one whole suburb within the old town is pretty much just pub after pub) but it wasn’t long until we were keen to hit the road and hunt down Dracula. Not before an epic plugga blowout that kept us entertained for half a day hunting down the only surf shop in Eastern Europe.

So we hired a car and worked our way to Transylvania (which is actually a lot bigger than you might think), stopping off firstly in an stunning town called Brasov because we’d met a few people along the way who told us how beautiful it was, the hostel we stayed in made amazing curry so we jumped on that one like a couple of fat kids on cupcakes. After hanging around there a couple of days we drove the Transfagarasan Highway which the blokes at Top Gear coined the “greatest road in the world”.  I’d say that’s an entirely accurate statement but I’d also say they had a very different experience than us as they drove their Lamborghinis and Astin Martins around the thing at Mach 2 while we struggled to get out of second gear uphill. It was brilliant.

So we kind of circumnavigated Romania over the next few weeks, working our way clockwise through most of Transylvania, Cluj Napoca, Ieremia Movilla, Voronet, Tulcea (where the Danube Delta meets the Black Sea) and ended up on the beach, of course, at Constanta before making our way back to Bucharest. I don’t think I’ve ever seen somewhere so green and lush – a little different to driving through the bush back home in Australia that’s for sure. I’ll let the pictures tell the story. We did find Dracula in the end, not at Bran Castle where you might expect but pretending to be dead in a coffin in what is supposed to be Dracula’s bedroom in Sighisoara. I say ‘pretending’ because he scared the living daylights out of Lauren when he lurched at her as she posed for a photo. I found that one way more entertaining than Lauren for some reason.

And that’s that, there are a heap of pics below that I haven’t explained so if you want to know what anything is just comment and I’ll tell you. The highlights though, apart from EVERYTHING being amazing, was stopping for a dog to use a zebra crossing as we left Constanta, going into a massive old salt mine that’s been converted into some sort of weird theme park and watching three belligerent donkeys hold up a car at on the Transfagarasan. Funny as hell.

Be back soon (hopefully)!


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