Bratislava, Slovakia

Not a whole lot to say about Bratislava. It’s another Eastern European, post-communist city that’s got plenty of charm. What I will say is that if you’re there in Winter and it’s pouring rain then it going to be bloody cold, I assure you of that. I wouldn’t say there’s anything mind-blowing about this little city but it’s certainly a worthy stopover for a day or two if you’re passing through. So here’s a bunch of pictures that will undoubtedly tell you more about Bratislava than I just did.


Bratislava Slovakia-1 Bratislava Slovakia-2 Bratislava Slovakia-3 Bratislava Slovakia-4 Bratislava Slovakia-5 Bratislava Slovakia-6 Bratislava Slovakia-7 Bratislava Slovakia-8 Bratislava Slovakia-10 Bratislava Slovakia-11 Bratislava Slovakia-12 Bratislava Slovakia-13 Bratislava Slovakia-14 Bratislava Slovakia-15 Bratislava Slovakia-20 Bratislava Slovakia-21 Bratislava Slovakia-22 Bratislava Slovakia-23 Bratislava Slovakia-25 Bratislava Slovakia-26


3 Comments on “Bratislava, Slovakia

    • Thanks mate. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too great so there weren’t too many opportunities to get out and about with the camera, but still got a few ok ones anyway.


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