Srebrenica, Bosnia

Srebrenica is about as sombre as it gets. We had a guy take us through there who’d fled into the hills to survive the genocide. It’s horribly confronting, even if you are getting a bit of a one sided story about the Dutch soldiers who were posted there and their role in failing to defend the people who were hiding in an abandoned battery factory.

It’s worth googling to get a proper feel for what went on anyway, all I’ll say is that 8.372 Bosnians were slaughtered here at the hands of the Serbians. Males between 12 and 74 were herded onto buses, driven out to a paddock and shot one after the other. How on earth could the modern world let this happen only less than 20 years ago. You’d think somebody would have the balls to step in and stop this from happening. Apparently not.


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