Lukomir, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lukomir is the highest village in Bosnia and the only one to escape the Balkan war. Probably because they couldn’t find the joint. It’s a pretty cool spot, they only got power a couple of years ago so it’s basic at best. We had to four wheel drive up Bjelašnica mountain across a bunch of paddocks and eventually reached Lukomir about 1,500m above sea level.

While there we met the 70 year old lady in the below image. Our guide told us that she’d had 7 sons, all of whom had died under various circumstances. The solid gold Arabian coin above her head was given to her by her mother when she was 20 years old and she’s worn it there ever since. This is a tradition unique to this village and nobody really knows why it’s done. She was nice enough to let me take her photograph.


Lukomir-33 Lukomir-2 Lukomir-1 Lukomir-3 Lukomir-5 Lukomir-6 Lukomir-7 Lukomir-8 Lukomir-9 Lukomir-10 Lukomir-11 Lukomir-12 Lukomir-15 Lukomir-16 Lukomir-17 Lukomir-19 Lukomir-20 Lukomir-22 Lukomir-23 Lukomir-24 Lukomir-25 Lukomir-26 Lukomir-27 Lukomir-28 Lukomir-29 Lukomir-30 Lukomir-31 Lukomir-32 Lukomir-35 Lukomir-36 Lukomir-37 Lukomir-38 Lukomir-39


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