From Mostar to Sarajevo, the Bosnian road trip…

Bosnia is a total surprise package. The country side is lush green, the people are over-the-top friendly and tourism hasn’t really kicked off there. Wins all round.

We only spent a week in Bosnia but we loved every minute. We had a great guy in Mustafa who took us around and it was really humbling listening to his stories from the war since he  lived through it… just. He grew up in Sarajevo and had countless stories as we cruised around the now stunning streets of the city. Statements like, “Right here I was crossing the road and a bullet landed at my feet, I never knew if that sniper simply missed or if he decided to spare my life” were not infrequent.

Sarajevo was surrounded by Serbian snipers in it’s hills during the Balkan Wars of the ’90’s and it’s amazing that anybody got out alive. Every house is covered in bullet or shrapnel holes from head to toe and they don’t really have the money to rebuild or repair them so they sit there to serve as a permanent reminder of those few years. However it’s not sombre in any way in the cities itself, most people are happy and loving life.

Don’t let the history of this place put you off visiting, it’s a wonderful country and has been a definite highlight for us.

So we did heaps of fun stuff and found ourselves confronted by some very sad moments in Bosnia and here’s the start of a few pics I’ll be putting up.


Mostar Sarajevo-1 Mostar Sarajevo-2 Mostar Sarajevo-3 Mostar Sarajevo-4 Mostar Sarajevo-5 Mostar Sarajevo-7 Mostar Sarajevo-8 Mostar Sarajevo-9 Mostar Sarajevo-10 Mostar Sarajevo-11 Mostar Sarajevo-12 Mostar Sarajevo-13 Mostar Sarajevo-14 Mostar Sarajevo-15 Mostar Sarajevo-16 Mostar Sarajevo-17 Mostar Sarajevo-18 Mostar Sarajevo-19 Mostar Sarajevo-20 Mostar Sarajevo-21 Mostar Sarajevo-22 Mostar Sarajevo-23 Mostar Sarajevo-24 Mostar Sarajevo-25 Mostar Sarajevo-26 Mostar Sarajevo-27 Mostar Sarajevo-29 Mostar Sarajevo-30 Mostar Sarajevo-31 Mostar Sarajevo-32 Mostar Sarajevo-33 Mostar Sarajevo-35 Mostar Sarajevo-36 Mostar Sarajevo-37 Mostar Sarajevo-39 Mostar Sarajevo-40 Mostar Sarajevo-41


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