Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park lies in central Croatia just on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s not somewhere remote that people don’t know about or go to, it’s pretty well known since it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a result there’s quite a few people there at once. Even so, this doesn’t take away from the fact that the joint is a work of art and about as good as nature gets. We stayed there in a room of a little house owned by an old lady from the area. Funnily enough English wasn’t her strong point.

Plitvice Lakes is actually made up of (currently) 16 separate lakes formed from the convergence of a bunch of small rivers and underground aquifers. There are waterfalls absolutely everywhere that are essentially dams of travertine, which deposits there as a result of a natural reaction between the air and a bunch of algae and bacteria along with minerals in the water. Some sections of travertine where the reaction is quite fast grow at around 1cm per year which is pretty impressive.

Anyway, due to the minerals (mostly limestone and dolomite for all you geos) and algae in other fun stuff leached into the water from the surrounding rock in between each of the waterfalls are these spectacular aqua blue lakes that are pretty much as clear as glass. It’s a pretty big day walking around them, I think Loz and I covered over 20km on foot but there’s something new around every corner so it’s pretty easy to take.

By this stage we were already in love with Croatia but this just topped it all off for us. From here we ended our time in Croatia in Zagreb before flying off to Istanbul, so from here on you’ll be seeing some pretty contrasting scenery in the photos as Turkey is just a tad different with a sneaky post about Bosnia first.



Plitvice-2 Plitvice-3 Plitvice-4 Plitvice-5 Plitvice-6 Plitvice-7 Plitvice-8 Plitvice-9 Plitvice-10 Plitvice-11 Plitvice-12 Plitvice-13 Plitvice-14 Plitvice-15 Plitvice-16 Plitvice-17 Plitvice-18 Plitvice-20 Plitvice-21 Plitvice-22 Plitvice-23 Plitvice-24Plitvice-26 Plitvice-27 Plitvice-28 Plitvice-29 Plitvice-30 Plitvice-31 Plitvice-32 Plitvice-33


2 Comments on “Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

  1. Incredible Beno. Such amazing scenery… and pics of course. Beautiful. Love seeing how chilled and relaxed the two of you are! Miss you both. xx

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