Hvar, Croatia

Hvar is another of Croatia’s little gems. It’s an island off Spit and it’s where the Richie McRich boys and girls go to play. It’s also where us mere mortals go to stand near rich people in the hope they’ll either drop a big wad of cash or offer you a job on their super yacht. Either would suffice, neither happened.

We spent ten days here doing very little more than sleeping in, swimming in the ocean and cooking our own food (except one gargantuan burger). It sounds stupid but it’s really nice to be able to cook your own food for a change rather than have to either source a decent cheap feed or overpay for crap food. We rented our own apartment for the time we were there and we toddled off to the supermarket each day and cooked up a storm each night, not before going for a few swims, eating a sneaky ice cream or dabbling on a cocktail or two by the ocean.

We did some fun stuff as well though. Jumped on a little boat and putted off to see some cool caves and amazing little beaches, managed to head back to Hvar in swells twice as high as the boat which was an experience, climbed to the top of a big old fortress above the town and even caught another boat to a music festival on a different island.

Yep, we did it again. Upon arriving on the island we saw some posters floating around saying there was a music festival on and that Tame Impala (great Perth band) were playing. So we jagged a couple of tickets and off we went. Hvar’s not very heavily populated really so it was pretty cool being at a concert with probably only 200 people while Tame Impala and James Blake played 10m away. Unfortunately James Blake concocted enough bass to create an earthquake on Venus so the old noggin was in a bit of a state the following day.

One thing did put a sour taste in my mouth though. I was stoked because we had really good internet while there and it was time for State of Origin game 2. So here I was, pumped to be able to stream the game live and the morning of the game the whole island dropped off the grid for pretty much the duration of the game. Typical! First world problem, I know, but I feel a little incomplete when I miss a State of Origin.

So that’s that. Hvar is freaking unreal. A perfect location to relax and pretend to be a rich bugger. If only I had the super yacht to pull that off.


Hvar-1 Hvar-2 Hvar-3 Hvar-4 Hvar-5 Hvar-6 Hvar-7 Hvar-8 Hvar-9 Hvar-10 Hvar-11 Hvar-12 Hvar-13 Hvar-14 Hvar-15 Hvar-16 Hvar-17 Hvar-18 Hvar-20 Hvar-21 Hvar-22 Hvar-23 Hvar-24 Hvar-25 Hvar-26 Hvar-27 Hvar-28 Hvar-29


7 Comments on “Hvar, Croatia

  1. If pictures are worth a thousand words than you then you have achieved the goal. My native island is really a rare pearl on Adriatic coast. With your permission I’d like to link your blog on my website!

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  3. Great pics of my happy place … seeing these reminds me of the feeling of the tickle of a sea urchin on my palm (it’s a much better feeling than stepping on one) and the nightly harbor stroll to see the new yachts in the harbor …

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