X Games Barcelona

We’ve been pretty lucky on this holiday. On plenty of occasions we’ve arrived somewhere only to find out that there’s some sort of event on that we’ve always wanted to go to but never had the chance. As it turned out, while we were in Barcelona the X Games were on. We got to watch the Enduro-X Finals, Freestyle Moto and the Rally Cross. During the Rally Cross it unfortunately rained like hell and they cancelled the event. I kind of thought mud was the point of being in a rally car but they must know better.

Still, got to see Travis Pastrana and Ken Block belt around the track for a bit so that made it worthwhile.

I managed to get some nice shots of the Enduro X at least. There was a hole in the fence right in front of us that the race flaggers used during the rally events. Since they weren’t needed for the enduro I sat there right in front of the log jumps and snapped away for most of the afternoon. Until the only official in the stadium who payed attention during the “Don’t let the crowd stand pretty much on the track” talk at X Games orientation asked me to move on. The rather large white lens hanging off the end of my camera probably helped my longevity I reckon.

Good fun.



Barcelona-2 Barcelona-3 Barcelona-4 Barcelona-5 Barcelona-9 Barcelona-11 Barcelona-12 Barcelona-13 Barcelona-17 Barcelona-18 Barcelona-19 Barcelona-25 Barcelona-26 Barcelona-27 Barcelona-28 Barcelona-32 Barcelona-35 Barcelona-36 Barcelona-37 Barcelona-39 Barcelona-40 Barcelona-41 Barcelona-44 Barcelona-47 Barcelona-51 Barcelona-52 Barcelona-55 Barcelona-56 Barcelona-57 Barcelona-58 Barcelona-59


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