Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of those places that has pretty much anything you could ever want on offer. It’s  a massive city and it’s chock a block full of tourists but it’s still up there with the best. For us it provided the best kebab we’ve found so far, my first Bundaberg Rum in about 5 months, lovely people, a sensational burger bar run by a really nice Aussie dude who allegedly knows somebody who was punched by Warnie and some of the craziest buildings in the world.

By this stage I’m waaaaay beyond being sick of cathedrals but La Sagrada Familia is something else. If you go to Barcelona don’t rob yourself of the opportunity to a monstrosity that’s  been under construction since 1882 and still is nowhere near finished. Gaudi’s blokes must be paid by the hour methinks.


Barcelona-1 Barcelona-2 Barcelona-3 Barcelona-5 Barcelona-6 Barcelona-8 Barcelona-9 Barcelona-10 Barcelona-11 Barcelona-12 Barcelona-14 Barcelona-15 Barcelona-16 Barcelona-18 Barcelona-19 Barcelona-21 Barcelona-22 Barcelona-24 Barcelona-26 Barcelona-29 Barcelona-31 Barcelona-32 Barcelona-33 Barcelona-34


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