Seville, Spain

If San Sebastian were Spain’s King of food then Seville would have to be the Queen. It’s another one of those places that takes sincere pride in its food being more than just stuff you eat, it’s a badge of honour. We at so much good food in Seville we lost track of it all. One thing’s for certain, I’m going to figure out how to make Piripis – they’re a Serrano Jambon (ham) sandwich that you cannot stop eating.

Our arrival was a bit of an interesting one. We’ve been using an app for the iPad called Sygic which is essentially a GPS but it’s got heaps of points of interest and most camp sites. It’s basically got us around Europe with minimal fuss.

On this particular day though it failed big time as it sent us to the wrong side of the city, to a camp ground that didn’t even exist then through streets barely wide enough to swing a cat around your head in the city centre before we managed to find somewhere to sleep. It was a big day, an unnecessarily big day.

The rest of the time is Seville was about as good as it gets. Perfectly hot shorts and t-shirt weather, amazing food, great people and plenty of cold beer on tap. We even managed to sneak in a cooking class where we learnt to make a few local dishes (including croquettes – a top tenner in my books).

We also got the chance to get up close and personal with flamenco at a little place called Casa de la Guitarro (house of guitars). The old guy who owns this place has a passion for collecting flamenco guitars. As a result his little place is covered wall to wall in some of the best guitars ever made, the oldest of which was made in the year 1800 and resides on the wall in mint condition.

Flamenco is a strange, kind of surreal thing to experience. It’s an incredibly emotional performance -both the musicians and dancers put everything they’ve got into it and you can’t help but get sucked into it. Totally worth seeing, but not at one of the big touristy places, go to the tiny little places like we did and sit two metres from it.

I think Seville’s a must-do if you plan on heading to Spain. It’s got pretty much everything covered except the beach. Which it makes up in copious quantities of gelati. There’s more of Seville to come but those particular items deserve a post of their own. See you soon.


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