Driving around Portugal has its perks…

Driving around Portugal in a camper van completes me… somewhat. Wait, that sounds kinda gay. Ignore that.

One of the best parts, no wait, the best part about driving around a country is the stuff you see in between the places you intend on travelling to. One of the smartest things we did when navigating our way around was to check the little box saying “Avoid Tolls”. On occasion we did end up far enough off the beaten track to rival Burke and Wills but as a result we stumbled across some of the most picturesque and satisfying places you could imagine.

Boca do Rio, for example is a tiny little beach in the Algarve perched at the end of a dodgy dirt road but perched among the hippies and their tents is a totally stunning part of the world. If I had a teepee I’d probably move there and start a drum circle. Instead we just pulled up right on the side of the beach, had a swim, cooked dinner, drank wine and slept there the night. Perfect. That’s Boca do Rio in the first photo, that shot will be on the wall one day.

Half the time we didn’t even know where we were. All the time we didn’t care.

Enjoy bits and pieces of the South Western Portuguese coastline.


01 Portuguese coast-17 Portuguese coast-1 Portuguese coast-2 Portuguese coast-3 Portuguese coast-4 Portuguese coast-5 Portuguese coast-6 Portuguese coast-7 Portuguese coast-8 Portuguese coast-9 Portuguese coast-10 Portuguese coast-11 Portuguese coast-12 Portuguese coast-13 Portuguese coast-14 Portuguese coast-16Portuguese coast-15
Portuguese coast-18


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