Porto, Portugal

Porto. Home of Port. Also the home of the Francesinha sandwich. This is how that pans out (starting at the bottom layer):

Peppercorn ham -> Smoked Sausage -> Pork Sausage -> Steak -> Two more slices of ham -> Cheese -> More Sausages -> Toast -> Fried Egg

This is all covered in cheese then surrounded by fries. It’s a delicious heart attack waiting to happen.

P.S. Beware – if you ask for a coffee with milk there’s a good chance you’ll get a coffee and a glass of cold milk accompanied by a rather strange look.




Porto-1 Porto-2 Porto-3 Porto-4 Porto-5 Porto-6 Porto-8 Porto-9 Porto-10 Porto-11 Porto-12 Porto-13 Porto-15 Porto-16 Porto-17 Porto-18 Porto-19 Porto-20 Porto-21 Porto-22 Porto-23 Porto-24 Porto-25 Porto-26 Porto-27 Porto-28 Porto-29 Porto-30 Porto-31 Porto-32 Porto-33


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