photo dump…


It’s hard work keeping up with this blog thing while still moving around so much. I don’t have a lot to say about this post except it’s a bit of a photo dump to get a few new pics on here for the family etc.

This section of our drive was quite long. After freezing our proverbials off in Normandy we just wanted to get South and into some warmer weather so we legged it through the French interior down to Bordeaux, sampled some (read “a lot of”) French wines, camped at the base of to Dune du Pyla – Europe’s largest sand dune, found a couple of random little cities that blew us away (Pau in Southern France for one), saw where King Henry IV was born, drove through the French Pyrenees along part of the Tour de France route (so cool… literally a lot of the time) and just generally saw heaps of nice stuff and had a ball in the process.

This was the last bit of France for us… next up Spain.


Bordeaux-1 Bordeaux-5 Bordeaux-4 Bordeaux-3 Bordeaux-2Bordeaux-5 Bordeaux-56 Bordeaux-55 Bordeaux-54 Bordeaux-53 Bordeaux-52 Bordeaux-51 Bordeaux-50 Bordeaux-48 Bordeaux-47 Bordeaux-46 Bordeaux-45 Bordeaux-44 Bordeaux-42 Bordeaux-41 Bordeaux-40 Bordeaux-39 Bordeaux-36 Bordeaux-35 Bordeaux-34 Bordeaux-33 Bordeaux-32 Bordeaux-31 Bordeaux-28 Bordeaux-26 Bordeaux-25 Bordeaux-24 Bordeaux-23 Bordeaux-22 Bordeaux-21 Bordeaux-20 Bordeaux-19 Bordeaux-18 Bordeaux-17 Bordeaux-16 Bordeaux-15 Bordeaux-14 Bordeaux-11 Bordeaux-10 Bordeaux-8 Bordeaux-7 Bordeaux-6


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