Greyscale Gorilla Playground

New York City is so photogenic it’s not even funny.

Based on the previous sentence such a phrase would normally be comedic in nature. It is not. Sorry.

Here are a bunch of my favourite shots of New York in greyscale, monochrome, black and white… whatever your flavour. It works so well in NYC due to its concrete jungleness (that’s  a word). The first shot is one of my favourites of the whole time in New York. Reminds of how obsessed with the NBA we all were when we were kids. I’m secretly hoping it’ll have a revival and that the gargantuan basketball card collection at the top of my cupboard will be worth millions.


NYC Mono-1 NYC Mono-2 NYC Mono-3 NYC Mono-4 NYC Mono-5 NYC Mono-6 NYC Mono-7 NYC Mono-8 NYC Mono-9 NYC Mono-10 NYC Mono-11 NYC Mono-12 NYC Mono-13 NYC Mono-14 NYC Mono-15 NYC Mono-16 NYC Mono-17 NYC Mono-18 NYC Mono-19 NYC Mono-20 NYC Mono-21 NYC Mono-22 NYC Mono-23 NYC Mono-24 NYC Mono-25 NYC Mono-26 NYC Mono-27 NYC Mono-28 NYC Mono-29 NYC Mono-30 NYC Mono-31 NYC Mono-32 NYC Mono-33 NYC Mono-34 NYC Mono-35 NYC Mono-36


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