Coney Island – ghost town…

One thing I wanted to do while we were in New York was to head out to Coney Island, I figured it’d provide some interesting subject matter considering the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy less than six months ago. Well it was interesting alright, not because there was heaps going on but for quite the opposite. Coney Island was a ghost town. A desolate, washed out, mugger’s haven of a ghost town. Spooky.

The train ride takes ages from Manhattan and things get slightly more dodgy with each stop… especially once you reach the projects. Coney Island itself was still pretty much dead. Shops closed, expander foam still pasted under the doors to stop the flood waters, sand everywhere, empty roller coasters and a weird sense of isolation from the rest of bustling New York.

The theme park reopened last Sunday, which is amazing considering the state it was in while we were there only a few weeks ago. They’ve done some serious work to get it back on its feet which is a real credit to the city. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they just walked away from it after Sandy.

I’ve started using some new editing stuff too. A company called VSCO make a library of film emulating presets for Adobe Lightroom 4 and a bunch of other editing suites. It doesn’t work out for every shot but I’m loving the way it worked for this series of Coney and pretty much all of New York. They do some cool stuff over there at VSCO.


NYC Coney Island-1 NYC Coney Island-2 NYC Coney Island-3 NYC Coney Island-4 NYC Coney Island-5 NYC Coney Island-6 NYC Coney Island-7 NYC Coney Island-8 NYC Coney Island-9 NYC Coney Island-10 NYC Coney Island-11 NYC Coney Island-12 NYC Coney Island-13 NYC Coney Island-14 NYC Coney Island-15 NYC Coney Island-16 NYC Coney Island-17 NYC Coney Island-18 NYC Coney Island-19 NYC Coney Island-20


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