105 pics of other stuff in New York


We did heaps in New York, including (but not limited to):

Breakfast at the Cosmic Diner, red velvet cake @ Magnolia Bakery, catch ups with Rosie at Shillers, Chelsea Markets, the High Line, The Accomplice Tour (for the love of god if you go to NYC do one of these, I have rarely been so entertained in my life, I will say no more), tea at Podunk, meeting a super interesting group of people over a vege feast at The Hommus Place, 911 Memorial and Ground Zero, Wall St, New York Stock Exchange, Museum of Modern Art (do it), Top of the Rock, rode pushies around Central Park, Coney Island, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, watched the sun set over Manhattan from

Brooklyn, Food on Foot, The Met, The Guggenheim, Jersey Boys on Broadway, John’s Pizza, Staten Island Ferry, McSorley’s, Central Station, Meat Packer’s district, Russian bath house with our new found orthodox Jewish friend Marty who is the king of aromatherapy, New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden etc etc etc etc etc.

So yeah, heaps. And I’m not going to write about them all. We did meet some sensational people and can’t wait to catch up with them again.

Is New York on the to-return-to list? I’m not sure, for Lauren definitely but I’m still on the fence.  There’s no doubt we had a ball while there though.


NYC-2 NYC-3 NYC-4 NYC-5 NYC-6 NYC-7 NYC-8 NYC-9 NYC-10 NYC-11 NYC-12 NYC-13 NYC-14 NYC-15 NYC-16 NYC-17 NYC-18 NYC-19 NYC-20 NYC-21 NYC-22 NYC-23 NYC-24 NYC-25 NYC-26 NYC-27 NYC-28 NYC-29 NYC-30 NYC-31 NYC-32 NYC-33 NYC-34 NYC-35 NYC-36 NYC-37 NYC-38 NYC-39 NYC-40 NYC-41 NYC-42 NYC-43 NYC-44 NYC-45 NYC-46 NYC-47 NYC-48 NYC-49 NYC-50 NYC-51 NYC-52 NYC-53 NYC-54 NYC-55 NYC-56 NYC-57 NYC-58 NYC-59 NYC-60 NYC-61 NYC-62 NYC-63 NYC-64 NYC-65 NYC-66 NYC-67 NYC-68 NYC-69 NYC-70 NYC-71 NYC-72

NYC-73 NYC-74 NYC-75 NYC-76 NYC-77 NYC-78 NYC-79 NYC-80 NYC-81 NYC-82 NYC-83 NYC-84 NYC-85 NYC-86 NYC-87 NYC-88 NYC-89 NYC-90 NYC-91 NYC-92 NYC-93 NYC-94 NYC-95 NYC-96 NYC-97 NYC-98 NYC-99 NYC-100 NYC-101 NYC-102 NYC-103 NYC-104 NYC-105


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