Canada Roundup

Ok so we’re out of Canada. We managed to cram a million things into our month there so here’s a brief history of some of the proceedings of the last month we haven’t told you about:

Sonny Landreth & Black Hen Music @ the Electric Owl

DSC00953.jpgOne of the strangest things on offer in the Northern Hemisphere – Paul Anthony’s Talent Time

DSC01143.jpg DSC01090.jpg DSC01115.jpg DSC01111.jpg

Vancouver Giants vs Kamloops Blazers WHL Game

DSC01412.jpg DSC01543.jpg

Snowboarding @ Whistler Blackcomb including bonus catch ups with old mates and potentially the most hungover bus ride in history

BMT_1057.jpg BMT_1063.jpg BMT_1064.jpg BMT_1072.jpg BMT_1076.jpgBMT_1097.jpg BMT_1080-Edit.jpg

BMT_1127-Edit.jpg BMT_1138.jpg BMT_1144.jpg BMT_1148.jpg BMT_1153.jpg BMT_1176.jpg BMT_1202.jpg BMT_1206.jpg BMT_1250.jpg BMT_1344.jpg BMT_1356.jpg DSC01651.jpg DSC01660.jpg DSC01700.jpg DSC01715.jpg DSC01780.jpg DSC01787.jpg DSC01825.jpg

Vancouver Canucks vs Phoenix Coyotes (rioting not included in price of admission)

DSC01869.jpg DSC01947.jpg DSC01975.jpg DSC01985.jpg DSC01988.jpg

Also making an appearance (in no particular order): food, good beer, shit beer, wine, late night youtube sessions of yelling goats, buffalo wings, comedy clubs, bagels, many many miles covered on foot, oversized breakfasts, Canadian bus drivers who apparently see it as their sole destiny to make a journey as uncomfortable as possible.



2 Comments on “Canada Roundup

  1. I am glad my son came out of the Canada roundup in one piece. Poor little fella has never been good with geography…I remember him getting lost one night on top of a cow outside of a butchery! Leave him be!
    Some great photos and wishing we were there! Keep the dream alive and talk soon


  2. Love it guys! Best month ever. Further random references to include Damo getting lost (regularly), multi-use frypans, Fireball, Damo-Rook big spoon little spoon, snow ball fights with innocent children and Duck Dynasty marathons. Can’t wait to do it all again real soon!

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