Victoria, British Columbia

So we spent a long weekend on Vancouver Island at the capital city of British Columbia, Victoria. Not a bad spot at all.

Canada is an amazing part of the world, everything is picturesque… everything. So the coach / ferry trip over, although it took a good three hours and was about negative 300 degrees on the deck, was well worth it for the view. Most notably was the couple of Asian tourists trying to lure a seagull closer for a photo with a potato chip offering, resulting in a seagull (AKA Searoid) mutiny. I told you those things are huge over here, that woman is lucky she wasn’t carried away as an offering to the searoid gods.

So what did Victoria have on offer?

1. Food, lots and lots of food… again. Fish tacos at Red Fish Blue Fish; Lobster, scallop pasta, sushi, sashimi, oysters etc etc at Nautical Nellie’s; boutique beer tasters and pitchers of mojitos and ludicrous quantities of wings at the Canoe Brewpub, doughnuts at Tim Hortons and the biggest Nutella and banana crêpes in the universe.

2. Giant dolphins, specifically Orcas. We went out on a zodiac with a group from Victoria and got way more than we bargained for. We saw a big group of Orcas from ‘J Pod’ which is a resident pod from the area and there were a couple of calves amongst the group that provided plenty of entertainment. We actually worked our way into US waters watching those guys before chasing another group from the pod. In the mean time we’d seen a couple of bald eagles and a sneaky 1,400kg sea lion.

Anyway, as we were just about to head back to the harbour a massive male Orca breached right near the boat and proceeded to head underneath us. So we followed him around for a while as ol’ Sea Captain Dale told us a bit about Orcas before cruising back home. Oh, I’ve never seen the ocean so calm in my life. It was glass the whole way – which was pretty nice when riding in a zodiac with two 225 horsepower Mercuries strapped to the back of it. Brilliant, surreal day.

3. Alternative transport options – so it turns out that the last minute tickets for a sea plane ride back to Vancouver are as cheap as the three hour ferry + bus ride. Loz the savvy little ninja managed to score us some seats and we caught a sea plane pretty much smack bang into the middle of Vancouver via some really cool scenery. Fun way to get home, much better than a bus.

4. Good company – Tahnee and Jono came across with us and we had a ball as always. Our hosts once again came through with the goods.

I’ll have something new for you all very soon.


BMT_8151-Edit BMT_8157-Edit BMT_8161-Edit BMT_8171-Edit BMT_8196 BMT_8223 BMT_8259 BMT_8286-Edit BMT_8292 BMT_8296-Edit BMT_8300-Edit BMT_9321 DSC01275 DSC01302 BMT_9219 BMT_8326 BMT_8377 BMT_8469 BMT_8582 BMT_8703 BMT_8873-Edit BMT_9084 BMT_9104 BMT_9146-Edit BMT_8722 BMT_8343-Edit BMT_9253 BMT_9284 BMT_9301 BMT_9324 BMT_9240-Edit BMT_9345 BMT_9509 BMT_9481 BMT_9491 DSC01348-Edit DSC01320 DSC01312 DSC01263-Edit DSC01254-Edit DSC01259-Edit DSC01246 BMT_9564-Edit BMT_9566 BMT_8307 BMT_9592 BMT_9650 BMT_9692 BMT_9614 BMT_9750 BMT_9760-Edit DSC01386


2 Comments on “Victoria, British Columbia

  1. Wow, wow, wow! Awesome shots! Loved the Orcas and the seaplane, oh and if course the mojitos! Enjoy x

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