’tis the season


Merry Christmas etc etc etc.

Had a wonderful time this week with the family, was mine and Lauren’s first Chrissy together as husband and wife too so it was only fitting that Lauren’s folks Russel and Janet joined us in Hervey Bay to celebrate. I missed out on Mum’s legendary box of old rusted fishing hooks and lures this year (thank god) but instead got some fun stuff for the travels next year.

Highlight… Grandma jumping in the kiddies’ ride with Noddy:

Grandma & Noddy - total legend Christmas 2012 Tilly checking out the christmas lights

Christmas 2012-9454

Christmas 2012-9519

Baked ham with marmalade glaze... awww yeahFood... good food More food

Christmas 2012-9529Christmas 2012-9527Lozza and her DadChook - worst opera house everThat important treeChristmas 2012-9490A couple of old gemsChristmas 2012-9498


Deodorant for Russel, hint much?Christmas 2012-9493

Slippers!Christmas 2012-9488

Serve bloody coldChristmas 2012-9472Jack and Tilly Christmas 2012-9551The clan


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